Monday, October 24, 2011

My happy place

 ... or....wouldn't Valium be quicker?
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Last week, Grandma Coco had the great good fortune to meet a cyber friend for coffee in a little town an hour away, which was halfway for both of us. As this was a first in-the-flesh meeting, it could have gone either way. However, we are happy to report that our friend is just as lovely in person as she seems to be in the comments. We are also happy to report that she's not one of those cyber weirdos you sometimes read about. Thank goodness. What a relief!

In fact, she came bearing gifts!! She brought us some books from her own collection. A couple of "good read" books and a very thought-provoking book about meditating through knitting. Mindful Knitting by Tara Jon Manning. Since we often knit for the peace it brings us, we found this one particularly interesting. A very thoughtful gift!

Grandma Coco has been feeling a little stressed lately. Too many (mostly self-imposed) deadlines!! Why do we always remember too late that we hate to do anything to a deadline?? Deadlines suck the fun right out of everything. We need to calm down, breathe and find our centre again. OOOOOOOHHHHHHMMMM.......

One of the projects that needed to be finished was a whopper! These socks are for really big, man-sized feet. Note how big they are in relation to our Birkenstocks!!! If it weren't for the deadline, these would definitely qualify as mindful knitting since they just seemed to go on forever....round after round, inch after inch. We wrote about starting them here on September 28. In the end, we used almost all of the Sock-it-to-Me Soft Focus and 2 balls of the dark grey. That's about twice the wool we'd use for a normal pair. The resulting socks will be very warm and will likely be worn for ice-fishing by Coconut Number One.

Just to be clear.....if Grandma Coco knits you socks, you only get more if you somehow communicate that you liked them. She can't be making socks for people who don't like them. That would be pointless.


  1. Deadlines to suck the fun out of things. ugh. I love those socks! : ) p.s. home made apple cider works pretty good too. hehe
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  2. The socks look fabulous! Toasty warm for ice fishing.... The scarf is coming along nicely as well.

  3. I love the drawing. Cassie seems to be in her happy place, at least (close beside wrapped in some lovely knitting.) I find when I am knitting, that my mind goes off to tell me all the things I "should" be doing instead. Guess I am not a very meditative knitter.

  4. those are " Man Size socks" and will be so warm. Lovely knitted gift, from your heart too.


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