Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cookie crumbs

Sometime over the past blurry month or so, we made these. We'd offer you one but this photograph is the only proof of their existence. (What? We can't be the only ones who document their baking, surely!)

They were delicious with just a hint of cinnamon. And pretty.  We need to make more cookies because right now, the larder is bare. However, we're a little short on inspiration. Suggestions, anyone?


  1. Your cookies are such works of art! I am always amazed ...and they are probably delicious to boot!

  2. is starting here soon. And I am not ready for that! Could use some Back to School inspiration...hugs! (Just ship them right to me...). Hugs!

  3. I hope you did make more cookies to decorate! I always look forward to seeing your baked creations. These are so very pretty and delicate looking. Love the idea of a hint of cinnamon too :)


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