Monday, July 8, 2013

Knitting for the kitties

Today, another offering from the stash of stuff we're putting aside to donate to the Gananoque Humane Society ........... This time it's a beautiful shawl, handknit by moi (as Miss Piggy used to say). It's a fairly small shawl, more of a triangular scarf really. A shawlette.  Lovely and soft, it's knit of fine soft green pure merino yarn. It would make a warm and pretty scarf at the neck of your winter coat. It measures 38 inches wide at the top, by about 17 inches deep at the centre of the V and features dainty white beads.

It's the product of a lace design course we took through Craftsy earlier this year. We learned a lot, and we had a lot of fun as we tweaked our design. Now,.  if the Gananoque Humane Society can benefit by turning it into cash for the care of the kitties, that will be icing on the cake!

If you'd like to buy it, just leave a comment here, 
or send us an email at covillewood (at) gmail(dot)com    
$28.   (through Paypal, please) 
We'll send it off to the buyer by Canada Post.
There's only one soft green   Falling Leaves Shawl,   so first come, first served.
Thank you for helping us support such a great cause.
Edited July 9/13:   SOLD! 
The total raised for the Gananoque Humane Society is now a whopping $45.  Thank you!


  1. This is beautiful and in one of my favourite colours!

  2. I love that shade of green, it is so fresh looking.

  3. Oh Cheryl...I love it. Is it sold already? If not, I'd very much like to have it.


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