Friday, January 23, 2015

Grumble, grumble. Booooooo!

I was more than a little excited this week to receive notice of a contest over on the Interweave Piecework site. Make a little pincushion and submit it. Sounds like fun. They've had the contest other years, but this is the first year I'm fully able to take part. Yes! A pincushion! Sign me up. I even had a couple of pretty good ideas.

And then, I decided to look at the entry form. It all looked pretty good. The prizes are smaller this year, but that's OK. We don't do this for the prizes. I read the page all the way to the end, and in the fine print, I noticed that the contest, this year, is only open to residents of the US. Well, OK. It's their contest. They can set the rules. BUT man, oh, man, does this annoy me. I'm only happy I read the fine print BEFORE I went to all the trouble.

And then, I thought......Hang on a minute! I really don't do stuff for the prizes. I'm still gonna make my entry. And Grandma Coco's going to have her own contest! And this contest will be exclusively for residents of the Kingdom of Coco. And there will be prizes! Not exactly sure yet what those prizes might be, but they'll be good ones.

So, if you'd like to have honorary citizenship in the Kingdom of Coco, and enter a pincushion, please just email the immigration department at   covillewood [at] gmail [dot] com  The deadline will be April 1, 2015. Make it from whatever you like....knitting, crocheting, quilting, embroidery. Anything at all. Just be original. No kits. No thievery. You know. Just play nice. If you're influenced by something you've seen, just give credit where credit is due. And you won't have to ship anything. Just send me a jpg (same email address). You can send as many photos of your entry as necessary to really show it off. And you can send as many entries as you like. On April 2nd, I'll display the results, and if we get more than one!....I'll find some independent person to be the judge. Sound like fun?


  1. How often have I stumbled over this restriction without ever having had the idea to start something myself! So I humbly bow to your Royal Highness, Queen Coco from the kingdom of Coco and will send you my request for honorary citizenship.
    (I have lived on a rural road called colloquially Cocoville. Coincidence? I think not.)

  2. I think I already have full citizenship! So I will add this to my list of February projects, for my DAGMT 2015.
    Now I just need an idea!

  3. Hi,I hopped to you from Kate, and do you give honorary membership to me from New Zealand? No shipping? That is a huge bonus...Here in NZ there is a small town called "Colville" so maybe I qualify for membership, as we almost have your name down here. A wonderful idea, and I would so love to participate. Best wishes from many more to enter, Jean

  4. I just tried to enter a dream studio give-away which included a trip to Paducah...only to get booted out when it came to the address. Sheesh...
    I'd love to be a citizen of your Kingdom, but don't hold your breath for my pincushion entry *-)

  5. Well Grandma, as a canadian, i know i am in your kingdom, even if there are alot of miles between us. i don't know what i will create, but it is already buzzing about in my head! And you are so right, prizes are not why we do those things!

  6. I like your kingdom, it's one of the friendliest places I know. I'd like to sponsor a prize.
    As for a pin cushion, I don't know if I have made one before, but I'll going to try.


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