Thursday, November 20, 2014

In the recovery room

After the surgery. Patient doing well.

Here she is pre-op.

And here she is during the operation.

And here is what you use to block such an oddly shaped hat.

Three ceramic bowls, in case it isn't clear.

And here is what she looks like when worn, from the front. See how the bat is centred? I'm especially happy with that. Thanks to my friend Karen for reminding me that the theme song includes the memorable "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, BATMAN!!" How could I have forgotten that? And to Mr. Coco who said he liked the "POW!" bits that appeared when violent acts took place. :)

I used the Naniboujou Lodge Hat pattern as a jumping off point for this hat. So far, I've switched in elephants and bats and assorted text messages. It's a fun knit.


  1. Holy Knit One Pearl Two, Batman - It's adorable! I love the words at the top - the recipient will be over the moon at this. (By the way, if you Google Robin's sayings, you will see that he actually said "Holy Knit One Pearl Two, Batman" in one episode! Great work, Grandma CoCo.

  2. Looks like the ceramic bowls were the perfect blocking tool for this hat. It is adorable. You are awesome!


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