Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallowe'en!

I've been so busy, I almost forgot to show you the Hallowe'en cookies that Amanda and I made this year. Here they are, just under the wire.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The new year approacheth

A couple of years ago, I made a calendar for myself, with some of my favourite drawings. I only made one. I didn't think anyone else would want one. Of course, a couple of other people did want one, but there was only one. They were out of luck. I honestly don't think any of those people lost sleep over their deprivation, however, this time around, I thought I'd announce my plan ahead of time.

If anyone else would like a 2016 calendar full of my favourite drawings, I can make that happen. Each calendar which is entitled My Catty Life 2016 (don't ask), will include 13 for each month and one on the cover. There are big, blank squares for scheduling your life. I chose one of Vistaprint's 'fun and whimsical' templates, so they're cute, too, with a cat and mouse on each page in various 'fun and whimsical' stereotypical cat & mouse activities. :) They will cost $18. Canadian, plus $2. for mailing, if you don't live nearby. All proceeds from sales of my calendar will go, as always, to The Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project. Below are the 13 photos. They each mean something to me. I can't predict what they might mean to someone who doesn't live inside my head. Some take me back to the day I drew them, and remind me of what was going on at that time. Some make me smile. Some make me wistful. The one constant is that there's a cat in each one.



Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pom-poms are so yesterday's news

My friend Kate often leads me astray. I'm not complainin', just sayin'. Recently, she made an adorable elephant hat. I had to follow her lead. It was an irresistible urge.

My cat's head hat combines a regular ho-hum knitted toque with the head from this delightful pattern. The hat fits a child (of course, although I'm sorta tempted to make one for myself).

Friday, October 9, 2015


Remember Max? He's a cutie. An all-black miniature schnauzer. I made Max mitts last winter.

I've been trying to figure out how to cookie Max, but his total eclipse black look doesn't lend itself to cookie-ing. For one thing, he's just a black blur with sweet warm brown eyes and his pink tongue. And speaking of tongues, too much black icing makes for really disgusting teeth and tongues. Just sayin'.

I finally landed on the idea of painting them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Giving Thanks

Here in the Kingdom, as in the rest of Canada, we're coming up to the Thanksgiving weekend. This year, I've got lots to be thankful for.

As you know, I've been making cookies to fundraise for the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project which is something that is very near to my heart. Recently, I've been joined by my friend Amanda.  The two of us have been baking (and decorating) up a storm.

We were asked to make some Thanksgiving cookies. If you want one of these cookies, you'll have to be a guest at the Denaut Mansion in Delta, Ontario, because Mariska and Theo ordered these to offer to the guests at their country inn. (If you're in the area, this would be a fabulous place to stay - with or without cookies.)

I am absolutely certain that Mariska is a wonderful cook. I'm pretty sure she ordered our cookies just so she could support the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project. And for that, and for her friendship, I am very grateful.