Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's a cookie! No, wait!

I was doodlin' around in my sketchbook the other night, and came up with a cute design (I think!) for a spring cookie. Here, you can see a photo of the page in my book. I liked the round-ish one at the top, and I still may do something with it. However the final sketch (at the bottom) is the one I decided on for the cookie.

But I just couldn't shake the idea that a good image is a good image, whether it's on a cookie or a quilt.

That made me think that it might be cool to make a baby quilt using 6 different cookie designs. Twelve 12-inch quilt blocks, where the 6 images are also used in reverse. I'll be doing mine scrappy! (Natch! cuz I do like a scrappy quilt.)  I haven't worked out all the details yet, because that is part of the fun, but if you'd like to work along with me on a Cookie Cat Quilt, here's the PDF for the first block.

It will fit on an 8-1/2 inch. square. I added 3 inch borders to all 4 sides, but I intend to quilt-as-I-go, so I've allowed a little bit of wiggle room to square up the finished blocks to 12-1/2 inches, and that means the finished quilt (with 12 blocks) will be a crib-sized quilt.

Friday, March 25, 2016

No bunny cutter? No problem!

I don't own a lot of cookie cutters. Sometimes I cut my cookies by hand, but that's a little slow. That's one of the reasons my cookies are often basic shapes like ovals or circles.

If you don't own an Easter bunny cutter, that's easily remedied. Cut a circle and a heart. Then  cut the point off the heart with the circle cutter, and place the 2 pieces close together on the cookie sheet. Baking glues them together. And then, you can ice them like this!