Mittens to Order!

I've been knitting mittens to raise money for the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project. The mittens cost $45. CDN per pair, plus $2.05 (as of Jan./19) if we have to mail them out to you. And, yes, all the money goes to the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project, because I donate the wool. 

So, here goes! If you want a pair of hand knit mittens, knit from 100% wool, just shoot me a message on the LFCP Facebook page.

I need 3 things: measurements, your choice of design, and your choice of colour.

1. Measurements
For mittens that really fit, I need real measurements, but don't's not rocket science. You just need to be 'in the ball park'.

1. The length of your hand
That's the number of inches between A (the tip of your longest finger) and C (the base of your hand). I have a nice crease at the base of my hand. Maybe you do, too. At any rate, it's where you'd want the cuff to end, and the hand to begin. 

2. The length of your hand above the thumb opening
The number of inches between A (the tip of your longest finger) and B (where the thumb opening starts). For this, I put an elastic around my hand, and snugged it down to the base of my thumb.  Again, just 'pretty near' is good enough.

3. Thumb length
The number of inches from D to B (the elastic band). If you can't manage this, I'll just estimate it from the hand length number.

4. The circumference at B 
Remove the elastic for this, since you can see it pulls my hand in somewhat. I just need the number of inches all the way around your hand. Not including your thumb.

2. Which design?
Here are some of the mitten designs I've already done:

Meow Mittens

Sylvester Mittens

Black Cat Mittens
with pink or grey heather.

 Smiley Cat Mittens

 Norwegian Mittens

I'm open to doing different designs. If you'd like something special, please just ask. I like a challenge.

3. Colour!
Here's a chart of all the colours that Briggs & Little produces their Sport yarn in. Unfortunately, I don't have all of them on hand, but I do have the ones marked by a red circle (to the left of the colour name).

You need good contrast between the dark and light that you choose. The Sylvester Mittens are done in black and washed white, for example, although in this chart the black doesn't look as jet black as it really is. The Grey Heather is more teal than it shows here (and a it's a little darker than it seems here). I'm knitting a pair of Black Cat Mittens right now substituting that for the pink in the photo above.


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