Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sophie Digard and me

Still infatuated with those Sophie Digard designs. Here's how my scarf turned out:

12 inches x 60 inches. And since Sophie signs hers with a label, I had to, as well. I think I'm on the right track. I like how the colours work together, but I think maybe smaller motifs might work better next time.

In this photo, you can see the cone of white cashmere I bought here that I dyed with Wilton food colouring to get the gorgeous coral skein and the warm yellow-green. The cashmere is lovely and soft. I'm playing with some off-centre circles, and putting them together free-form.

Sophie's designs also include bags made from her crocheted 'fabric', as well as embroidered scarves. Doesn't embroidery sound like fun?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

More crochet

Still workin' away on the Kitty Face Granny Squares, but I'm also insanely in love with Sophie Digard designs. She's a Parisian designer who has her work made up by women in Madagascar. It's supposed to be a Fair Trade arrangement, but I haven't actually confirmed that. Not that it matters. Her scarves are crazy expensive, and for me, the attraction isn't really in owning one. It's in figuring out how they're made. I don't mean the crochet patterns. That seems simple enough. They're mostly crocheted motifs that are joined to make a rectangle. What's extraordinary about her scarves is the way she manipulates colour. And THAT is what I'm grappling with.

Here are a few of examples of actual Sophie Digard scarves, but you can search her out on Pinterest to see more.

Heaven knows I have lots of odd balls of wool leftover from previous projects. I read that some of her scarves are made up of as many as 60 colours/shades that she has dyed for her. So, OK, I guess dyeing is part of the deal.

I've made several starts at this, but always get distracted by 'nice colours'.  I've decided I really need to tighten the colour palette. Then, I got the idea I should START with the colour palette. How 'bout this one? Pretty, eh?

So, I sifted through my stash, and chose all the teals and turquoises and beiges and browns. I'm sticking with wool and wool/nylon (sock leftovers), because a scarf doesn't get washed much, so hand washing shouldn't be a problem. I dyed some off-white with Wilton food colouring, and I over-dyed some turquoise with tea.

I think it's interesting that there are so many similarities between quilting and this type of crochet. Still working in squares, and still joining them together. The success of the project depends on the colour chemistry in both media. Of course, I've had to go back and re-learn my basic crochet skills, but that's been enjoyable, too. Much easier now with YouTube than it was when I was 13. And I get to work on my deck under Cassie's watchful eye. What better way to pass a July morning? Or several. I have 32 motifs made, and I calculate that I need 45. Some assembly required.