Dainty Dumplings for Mom

Countdown to Mother's Day 2021

It Must Be In Here Somewhere
Original quilted wall hanging, Cheryl Coville

Remember road trips with Mom? Remember how she carried every little thing anyone could ever need or want in that bottomless purse of hers? Bandaid? Comb? Bottle opener? Here ya go! Cough drop? Snack? Tissue? Yes, of course!

In preparation for Mom's big day, Coco is happy to offer these pretty zippered dumpling pouches to help keep her organized. Perfect for storing those small items that drop to the bottom of a bag. Keys, mints, ear buds, lipstick, etc.

These darling zippered pouches measure 5" long, 2-1/2" deep and 3" tall. 100% cotton and fully washable. $25. plus $3. postage (in Canada) with payment made as a donation directly to the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project. LFCP is a TINY cat rescue in the Kingdom that does BIG things, caring for homeless and feral cats and kittens. Each Dainty Dumpling comes with an original Mother's Day gift tag. AND in this strange time of social distancing, if you'd like, Coco will wrap up your pouch in tissue and ribbon, sign your card any way you like, and mail it straight to its intended recipient (no additional charge!).  Mother's Day 2021, pandemic edition.

Below are some sample pouches. If you'd like to purchase any of these, please just email me at covillewood(at)gmail(dot)com or message me on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/GrandmaCocosDesigns  Or, if you'd like to suggest something special for a pouch, please just ask. I love commissions! And, of course, you don't have to be a mother to enjoy a little organization in your purse. Just sayin'.

13. Orange Lilies




12. Smiley Dog

11. Row, Row Row Your Boat!

10. Ain't Nuthin' But a Hound Dog

9. Spring Bird

8. Black Cat on a Red Pouch  SOLD!

7. Purple Posies

6. Maybe Mom would like her monogram on a dumpling bag? Not for sale unless her initials are CAC  :)  but any assortment of letters is possible. Please just ask! 

5. Happy Dance Cat SOLD!

4. Some Bunny Loves You

3. Black Cat With Flowers

2. Camel (SOLD!)

1. Little black and white dog (SOLD!)

Happy Mother's Day!

Stay safe!

Love from Coco

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