Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sophie Digard and me

Still infatuated with those Sophie Digard designs. Here's how my scarf turned out:

12 inches x 60 inches. And since Sophie signs hers with a label, I had to, as well. I think I'm on the right track. I like how the colours work together, but I think maybe smaller motifs might work better next time.

In this photo, you can see the cone of white cashmere I bought here that I dyed with Wilton food colouring to get the gorgeous coral skein and the warm yellow-green. The cashmere is lovely and soft. I'm playing with some off-centre circles, and putting them together free-form.

Sophie's designs also include bags made from her crocheted 'fabric', as well as embroidered scarves. Doesn't embroidery sound like fun?


  1. Embroidery! Go for it. That sounds like your kind of fun!

  2. Well,when your winter comes, that will be used so much. And your signature, cute and nifty. Love the colours after dying.

  3. It's beautiful, Cheryl. I REALLY hope you will keep this for yourself. I'd really like to see a post of how you are doing the dying. Curious minds want to know :)

  4. Good job Cheryl Coville...! love your embroidery digitizing skills... Keep it up...!

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