Monday, November 29, 2010

And the Champeen IS......

As promised, Grandma Coco's here to recount another exciting tale of Woman VS Machine. Sewing machine, that is.

Lots of quilters talk about binding a quilt totally by machine. No biggie, they say. Just stitched that binding on in no time at all. Well, I've always done it by hand which, as we all know, is very time consuming. So, I thought I'd just give this  new-fangled machine binding a try.

My very best source for this kind of information, Karen, of the Maple Leaf (online) Quilt Guild, stitches her binding on the backside first. OK, I can do that.

Next, she turns the binding (double fold binding BTW) to the right side and uses a decorative stitch to topstitch the binding. machine doesn't have a lot of decorative stitches. It's got Zig-Zag. That's pretty decorative, right?

So, I started to Zig the Zag. After a few inches, I got in the groove. In the end, I like the look of the Zig-Zag stitch when it isn't centred but it just barely Zags onto the front of the quilt.

I have to admit, it looks pretty good.

What would Grandma Coco do differently next time?

She would take the time to turn the corners and tack them in place first.....or maybe just a little more practice is all that's required. (Why do you suppose she isn't showing you the corners? Ah, well, there's always next time.)

The quilt in all its glory is a wall hanging that grew out of a BOM project on the MLQG. All the blocks are pinwheels and I chose (mostly) blue and white for mine. I was going to make 20 blocks but then we had our bathroom renovated and the designer suggested pale blue walls and then we had this big, blank, boring wall and....the rest is history. Sorry I can only show you such a long, narrow shot. The room itself is TINY and this is the only angle that will let me photograph the quilt.....but, trust me, it looks great from the bathtub.

So, to recap.....Grandma Coco!!

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