Monday, January 24, 2011

The Coldest Day of the Year ... so far!

Can you see the snow outside the window? This is the coldest day we've had in a couple of years and all the reporters and weathermen are licking their chops, making the most of it with dire warnings about frostbite and wind chill. Apparently, exposed flesh can freeze in as little as 15 minutes today. Did you know that? Grandma Coco remembers the good old days when our mothers just wound us up in wool....thick coats and heavy scarves and extra mittens ... and sent us trudging off to school anyway. Remember Ralphie's little brother Randy in The Christmas Story? Dressed up as fat as a tick in his little snowsuit? So puffed up and padded with clothing he couldn't bend his arms or get back up when he fell down in the snow? And you thought that was fiction. Ha! That was us!

Stay warm, everyone! Don't forget to fill your bird feeders.  And Cassie reminds us all to be kind to our pets. They feel the cold, too.

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