Thursday, December 13, 2012

Looking forward

Lookey what came in the mail . . .

Happy 2013! Calendar

There are a couple of things that are necessary (for us!) to move on into a new year. 
The first is a calendar. 

January starts out with a roar . . . and, of course, coffee!

This calendar business is pretty important to us since it sets the tone for all we do. 
We use it to keep track of what we're working on and what we're thinking. 

June . . . coffee break.

We put our appointments in there, but there aren't many of those. 
The dentist. The oil change for the car. That sort of thing. 

August . . . full moons and romance!

We make a note on the December page 
for things that must carry over to the next calendar. 
Currently, that's the reminder to cancel our cell phone contract when it comes due. 
(We can hardly wait for that one.)

December . . . snow!
We used to make our calendar.  
It was easy to upload our drawings and choose a layout.  
Best of all, it only took FOUR days to come in the mail.

We guess you can see that we're banking heavily on the Mayans being wrong!


  1. What a fun way to display your artwork. One of these days I will get myself organized enough to do one of my quilts. I especially like that lion for January - we all need to start our new year that way!

  2. WOW that looks GORGEOUS!!! I love vista print. Are you selling them?

  3. What a wonderful calendar! Hope you are gifting some of these to your family!

  4. What fun! Do you have a picture of Cassie on it?

  5. Fantastic calender! I am so cheap I pick up the free one at the bank! Like you I need the big squares for keeping track of the next appointment and when to pay the bills!


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