Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bold as brass

At the risk of showing our age, we remember when the worst thing your mother could accuse you of was being 'bold'. "Don't be bold!" Mostly, that meant, "Stop being a jerk!" It meant you shouldn't be disrespectful or (worst of all) a show-off. It didn't have anything to do with courage. However, the bold we're talking about today is just that  . . . we're feeling 'brave'.

A week or so ago we chopped up our pink socks to replace the ribbed cuff. It turned out OK. Since then, we've been taking a course through Craftsy on lace shawl designing (with Miriam Felton). It's an excellent course. We highly recommend it, if anyone is interested in such things. One component of the course is how to fix mistakes. We think the main tool required to fix mistakes in lace is bravery.

Last night, we were knitting away on our first self-designed lace shawl while watching TV. Now, we were pretty sure this wasn't a good idea, but we were in the final innings of a repeat we thought we knew well. What could go wrong?

Yup. We're one stitch short. See that wonky business that we circled?

It appears it's a missed yarn over from several rows down. We put the whole business away in an overnight time-out. (At least we've finally figured out that we always do better if we sleep on it.)

This morning we decided to implement what we had learned in the course. Well, what could go wrong? When we were new knitters, we remember that horrible feeling of the whole business raveling away, but now, we know the worst thing that could happen is we'd have to rip it back stitch by stitch.

So, we pinned it to a cork board (to minimize disaster) and dropped one stitch back several rows.

We picked up 2 stitches with a crochet hook, 'knit' them back up, and slipped them back on the needle. Bold as brass! (but in a good way).


  1. Since I can't knit to save my life I applaud the fact that you are actually knitting a self designed lace shawl never mind that picking up the stitch thingy:) I love the colour your using. Very pretty.

  2. Looks lovely. I can hardly wait to see more.

  3. Yay! You're awesome!
    Stay inspired!

  4. Pinning it to a cork board is such a good idea! (this is also a "can you reply" test :) And what were you watching on TV? :)


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