Thursday, April 4, 2013

Early Spring in the Kingdom

It's pretty clear that spring is coming on, even though it's been colder than usual. The snow's pretty much gone. There are seedlings in pots, and the sweet potato plants are looking good and strong (unlike last year). The light has changed, or at least, the angle of the light has changed. We can't sit on our couch and feel the sun now as we did in January. Come July, this will be a good thing, but right now, we kinda miss it. The living room is still washed in sunshine though. And that lifts our spirits. Cassie has a little morning route as she follows the sun. Then again, in the afternoons she'll mosey over to the deck door to catch the afternoon rays there.

Much knitting is going on right now. Cookies, too. And sometime soon there will be clay play. Photos to follow. Hope you're seeing signs of spring where you are, too, friends.


  1. My sunroom was a sunny 16 degrees this morning, and you can almost see the Muskoka chairs in the backyard, so spring must be on the way.

  2. Cassie, you look so relaxed; I wish hyperactive Polly would learn to slow down a bit. There would not be a leaf left on any of those plants if Polly were guarding them!

  3. I think I'll join Cassie. Snnnnzzzzzzzzzz....

  4. Spring, out here on the West Coast is well on into blooming! My garden projects are breaking thro the soil and I am thinking of what to add or experiment with. I even sat on my back deck this week with a ball of orange yarn and a crochet hook when the outdoor temp reached +17C!

  5. signs of spring?
    what is this 'spring' you speak of?

    (come peek at my latest post for photos of 'the winter that won't go away').

    Nice to drop by the Kingdom of Coco again. : )



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