Friday, September 19, 2014

Shades of Grey

... but probably fewer than 50. :)

Full sun photography. Sorry.

I liked the top down construction of Wee Chickadee. Seems to me to be a good starting point for more exploration. I'm a little concerned about the fibre content required for baby things, but I like the small size. I like the softness of real wool, even though I understand that most people won't appreciate having to take special care with laundering wool. I don't much like acrylic though. That leaves superwash wool which can be a little less soft. However, that's the compromise.

For this sweater, I'm using Manos Artesanas, Camino Color which is a sock yarn made in Peru. It's 74% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon (for durability), and most importantly, it was in my stash waiting for its day in the sun. The label says it can be machine washed (gently) and left to dry flat. It's a lovely mix of dove greys.

Instead of the knitted on edging, I'm going a more traditional route with ribbing at the neck and hem and cuffs. I'm planning to embroider around the neckline. I was thinking bunnies....but maybe geese?  And, of course, I'll need buttons!!

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  1. I have used sock yarn for baby thinks, because it comes in such great colours. The moms like it just fine, after it has had a dunk in hair conditioner.


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