Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day!

I don't think there's any chance the poor little groundhog will see his shadow here in the Kingdom. It's a snow day here! A good time to recycle a drawing I did a couple of years ago. Just because I can. After all, who makes the rules around here? :)

Snowed in!
And, here's the Little Red Riding Hood baby sweater all finished. The front bands did spro-i-n-g back a bit, but not enough to worry about. I added 3 buttons with loops just as the designer did. The absolute perfect buttons were just sitting in my stash. They've been there for years waiting for their moment.

I used Patons Canadiana. I tried to interest Cassie in modeling it, but she said she was busy. Diva!


  1. The sweater is darling; Little Red herself would love it.
    Did you get much snow? We are waiting for the sky to fall :)

  2. Aww, the drawing and the finished sweater are both so sweet! Stay warm :)

  3. they looks so snug and cosy in there, why would they want to come outside.


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