Saturday, May 30, 2015

Play-Doh for adults

Sometimes I am slow on the up-take. I admit that freely. The subject of today's post is one of those times. I just discovered fondant which is really just Adult Play-Doh.  More than that, I just discovered that you can make your own marshmallow fondant that is pretty darned tasty. And furthermore, if you discover that your Play-Doh modeling skills are a little rusty, you can just melt those marshmallow fondant sculptures in a nice hot cup of cocoa.

Never mind that it's HOT here in the Kingdom today, with very high humidity. Not really hot cocoa weather, but I tried to ignore the heat by sitting in the breeze from the fan and playing with the fondant, with no one to scold me if I blended the colours.

Cats!! I left the teaspoon in the photo, so you could get an idea of the scale. These cats are intended for the tops of cupcakes. I was going to bake some, but that would involve more heat in the kitchen, and I don't really need the calories anyway.

In the end, I decided anybody who reads this blog probably has a pretty good imagination. Just imagine these on a cupcake. Except maybe for the extra big one. He was the first one, and he got a little out of hand. Imagine him on a cake. His very own cake.

As for the Smiley Sweater..... I've added beads to the 'Say, "Cheese!" ' text and I'm continuing with the mouse. Hot and humid is not really a great combination for a wool sweater, but it's hard to put down.


  1. Lovely stuff to play with, and beads, that are the perfect finish.

  2. LOL I have lots of Wilton tools for fondant that I use for PC. That's the only reason I have heard of fondant HaHaHa

    Your cats are adorable, Cheryl (and delish, I bet) :)

  3. I love the idea of melting your mistakes in a cup of hot chocolate (I have some of the Godiva, I can bring it!)

  4. Not a big fan of fondant but if I have to use it, I always make the marshmallow one. Love the cats and doilies you made and the addition to the sweater is fun and adorable.


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