Friday, July 10, 2015

I was wrong

It`s been a busy time around here with lots of cookie-ing. However, I haven`t forgotten my Smiley Sweater entirely. It`s just been slow-going.

Remember when I said there was no wrong way to go about it? Well. I was wrong. When I went to add the patch pockets, I didn't have the exact colour of felt that I wanted, so I thought I'd just go way out on a limb and use 2 drastically different colours. Sometimes that works. If you're off, you might as well be WAY off. I thought because I planned to embroider on the pockets, that it would all work out. Well, nuh-uh to that!

Ugly, right?

I have mailed a small swatch off to the Felt on the Fly lady, and she will send me the exact colour of felt I need. She's nice that way.


  1. HMMMM, I wonder if her merino wool comes from our South Island. Beautiful swatches. I'm sure your choice will be perfect.

  2. Most people are not as picky as you. However, you would never be satisfied, so it is a good thing you could get an exact match.

  3. At least you took the risk and tried it, even though you weren't happy with the result. I like the lighter shade pocket and look forward to seeing the fabric colour that you do settle on.


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