Saturday, August 22, 2015

Today, in a photo

We made it through a pretty miserable heat wave where we were treated to really high humidity along with the high temperatures.  I thought for a while I might do injury to Mr. Coco, 'cuz he loves the heat, and he was disgustingly chipper through the entire week. No harm came to him however. The heat wave has finally broken, and all is well again.

And now I can get back to all the things I normally like doing. I'm working on more baby booties (See the chickies?) and I'm starting a project for a not-yet-born baby girl (a sweater, maybe?) and I've got prototype cookies goin' on for a sale next month.  Lots of fun stuff.

In this photo, you can also see the lovely bags that my friends have made for me. The black one on the left is by my friend Karen. It's the perfect size for a pair of socks (or baby booties). I know she has more bags for sale. The pink one up top is one my friend Kate made for me. (Kate is somewhat of a bag-making expert. She can't seem to stop making them.) Kate's bag is perfect for my baby girl project which I've just barely begun.

If I get bored with all these, I still have the Smiley Sweater waiting in the wings. It's good to have options.


  1. Lovely bags, perfect sizes for wee socks and bootees, your latest ones are beautiful.

  2. The turkey cookies are looking good. More colourful than the wild turkeys around here.

  3. Our heat and humidity have not broken yet and the heavy fog this morning may mean it will burn off even hotter. We are all wilted...
    Your chick beauties are cuter than cute.


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