Monday, February 1, 2016

Loops and fringes

Mittens made by Elza Deklavs

My friend Amanda has a pair of mittens that her grandmother made for her. Her grandmother was born in Riga, Latvia. Unfortunately, she died in 2011. When Amanda showed me the mittens, I was intrigued by the loops at the cast-on edge. I took photos, and I hoped one day I'd figure out how she did it. I didn't have any luck at all trying on my own.  I'm a pretty good Googler, but I came up empty. No references to that technique at all. :(

And then, quite by accident (since most good things happen by accident), I contributed to a Kickstarter campaign for a new knitting book by Donna Druchunas called Lithuanian Mittens. The technique is explained in that book.

It was a little clumsy to do, and took me several tries, but I think I'm close. Mind you, I didn't push my luck with a double row of loops as Amanda's grandmother did. Maybe next time.


  1. It looks interesting. I am waiting to see the rest of the mitt. Are you adding a braid?

  2. Lovely mittens, and kept with loving memories. Your loops look great.

  3. The green mitts that inspired you are lovely and it looks like yours will be as well.

  4. Lovely memories is right. I wore those mittens everyday until a hole developed. I couldn't just get rid of them, they are one of many pieces I have made by my beloved Nanny.
    Thank you Cheryl, these a very special mittens for me.
    Xoxoxo Amanda


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