Saturday, May 14, 2016

The kitty cookie quilt is complete

The Kitty Cookie Quilt shall henceforth be known as April Showers. That is the theme that emerged. April showers bring May flowers, and all that. Cats and raindrops and lots and lots of flowers.

It did get a border, as you can see. The batting is lovely Warm and Natural which is (quelle surprise!) both warm and free from harsh chemicals.

The joining strips are from a piece of fabric I've had for a long time. In the mid-90s I was in a quilt shop when it caught my eye. Beautiful and VERY expensive at a time when we were quite poor. I was financing my quilting indulgence by teaching quilt classes and selling my own quilt pattern designs. In fact, I was in that shop, because I was meeting a writer who was interviewing me for a now-defunct Canadian quilting magazine. I bought an entire metre of that fabric, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. It just sang my name. It's called Winter Solstice. I don't think it's all that unusual for quilters to be able to tell you the provenance of the fabrics in a particular quilt. I chose the fabrics, because they spoke to me. Winter Solstice, with its muted teals and faintly tree-like images has been waiting for its moment all these years.

And I think I mentioned that the border print around this block came from a shop in Maui exactly 10 years ago. I loved the fabric when I saw it, and now, all these years later, it has good associations because of the family vacation we were on.

But this quilt has other connections for me. See this back? Almost all the fabrics (except the blue pieces) were donated by Arlene M. of the Gananoque & District Humane Society. She gave me these fabrics to use in this quilt, because the proceeds from its sale are going straight to the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project for the benefit of the cats.

Here's what the front looks like, in full. A couple of the background fabrics are Arlene M's as well. The border fabric was donated in a circuitous way by  Mag M-H who had offered some fabric up online, and Susan H who saw the opportunity, and brought it to us. As they say, 'It takes a village!'.

So many people coming together to do something good!

But all this would be for nothing except that Arlene C stepped up to buy our little quilt! The circle's complete. We took an idea, some sketches, some fabric, thread, and a whole lotta love, and we turned it into cash to use for the cats. Thank you to all who helped along the way.

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  1. What a sweet quilt! I remember you working on it...but clearly, I never read this post before!!! (sorry) That narrow sashing between your blocks looks great, and ties all the blocks together.


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