Thursday, July 21, 2016

It`s all Kate`s fault

My friend Kate suggested that I knit along with her on this beautiful shawl designed by Anne-Lise Maigaard. It`s called Alberta. The designer released it for free for one day during the fire in Fort McMurray. All she asked was that we make a donation to the effort to fight the fire. Mr. Coco and I chose the Edmonton Humane Society and the Red Cross.

Here`s a close-up that shows off my copper wire cat shawl pin. Kate`s written up all the details on her blog. You can see, for example, how many beads are worked into the knitting. (Kate did the large
size, and I wimped out with the smaller version.) Hers is beautiful.

Just for fun, this is what the shawl looked like straight off the needles, before blocking, under Cassie`s watchful eye.

The yarn is laceweight merino and silk, from Twice Sheared Sheep. More coral than orange. I knit it with 3mm needles.


  1. I don't think I deserve blame for this, it is lovely.

  2. One pink, one pale grey, picture perfect, with beads galore.And for a really good cause. Lovely, both of them.

  3. Dear Cheryl

    Love the warm coral colour. It is wonderful to create such works of art and do some amazing giving in the process. It looks stunning!

  4. That's such a romantic picture...wearing your shawl, as you gaze across the moors...It's truly a beautiful piece of work, Cheryl. I hope you keep this one for yourself.

  5. I saw Kate's version yesterday--these are beautiful shawls! Just the number of stitches alone, not to mention all those beads! Beautiful work!


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