Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Not a cookie

....but it's pretty sweet!

An ugly Christmas (dog) sweater for Cassie's friend Max. Cassie says she wouldn't be caught dead in it, but Max is a dog. What does he know?

I started with a pattern which I actually paid money for on Ravelry. I won't name it, because it was really, really badly written. The numbers just didn't work, and a newbie knitter would be crying now.

I used the CONCEPT and built my own sweater, subbing in my own colourwork designs.

I'm not exactly angry about paying money for the crappy pattern, because I did get the sweater I was shooting for. However, every crappy pattern that's up for sale undermines all the rest of us, who try to offer decent patterns for a fair return.


  1. Please make project notes on Ravelry, so others can benefit from your experience.

  2. Look at that wee sleeve? leg armhole? What a sweater you made.This will be so warm, and even more so, so beautiful for everyone to admire.


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