Saturday, January 7, 2017

A great gift

I think I've mentioned that my brother works in wood. He turns beautiful bowls, and he's given me several. Here's what he made for me for Christmas this year. Isn't it beautiful?

And extremely useful (once I figured out what it was!).

It's really nice when someone knows you so well, they know exactly what you'd like. And even better, when they make it for you themselves.

PS....It's a very fancy stitch ripper (for those who might not be familiar with them). I'm a big fan of stitch rippers. They give you a second chance at doing a good job.


  1. How beautiful! I think there is something special about utilitarian items that look beautiful too. I love that it has a clip so you can clip it to your shirt or sewing apron and know where it is when you need it. I must have 5 rippers (all named Jack) but I often can't find one when I need one.

  2. Lovely, and what a perfect gift.


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