Wednesday, March 8, 2017

For everything there is a season

I'm still playing with baby sweaters, but a girl can't knit all the time. It's not a good idea ergonomically-speaking. :) Fortunately, I have a nice collection of partially finished projects in several media. It's not huge (that collection), but when a project falls out of favour, I do tend to neglect it for a while. And I do that in a heart beat. And without a shred of guilt. I know its day will eventually come. Today, is the day for this one.

I can't remember exactly when I drew the sketch, but I wrote a little poem (doggerel, really) to go with it that's dated April 11, 2006, in my notebook. So, the whole project's been languishing for a while. I hope to embroider the poem around the border.

I have the appliqué layered now with a lovely bit of right-sized Tuscany silk batting that my friend Karen sent to me as a gift-in-the-mail in September 2014. That batting has been waiting all this time for just the right project. I've never worked with silk batting before, but I'm loving the way it sticks to the cotton backing and top.

I'm planning to quilt it by machine, and then, hand embroider the details. I know that seems counter-intuitive, but I'm confident I can hide all the knots and thread tails from the embroidery. The last embroidered quilt I made was hand-quilted, so I embroidered first, layered and completed the quilting on a frame. I don't think I want the machine quilting to cross over the embroidery anywhere, and I think embroidering on the layers will be easier than embroidering on one flimsy layer. Check back later to see how that goes, if you're interested.

Ode to Ice Cream
26 inches x 30 inches


  1. You won't know if it works until you try. I think it's Ricky Timms who says we learn the rules so we know which ones we can break.

  2. And does this beautiful piece have a name yet? Guess the proof will be when we see it all finished. And some goodies from Kate, that batting sounds perfect.

  3. Some of us would be adding those embroidered details by machine with a 12 weight thread as part of the quilting process. Just sayin...*-)


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