Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday morning for grown-ups

Remember when you were a kid? Getting up and watching the Saturday morning cartoons? Grandma Coco does. She remembers George Jetson and The Underdog and Yogi Bear and Booboo.  And she remembers that her dad used to watch them, too. It's nice when your dad remembers how to be a kid.

Nowadays, cartoons don't really interest her so you'd think that she'd sleep in, right? Well, due to the outright cruelty of her TV provider (Starchoice de Sade Satellite......which may be Rogers, now that we think about it) Grandma Coco is prodded from her warm bed by the lure of Saturday morning crafting shows on PBS Detroit.... the only station that we know of that carries these "wimmin's" shows. So, at 5:30 AM....yes, you read that right....5:30 AM! on a Saturday!....we get our only chance to see Quilting Daily TV, followed by Fons & Porter`s Love of Quilting and then, usually (but not today, oh, no, not today), Sewing With Nancy. Today we got Martha's Sewing Studio. Some Saturdays we get Beads, Baubles and Jewels, but not today. Only 3 shows, back to back. There's something magical about seeing other humans doing stuff we like to do. Often, we learn things. So, week after week, we get up and tune in. And then we go back to bed!!

When we did decide to start our day, we turned our attentions to something different....fabric postcards!!! We're suddenly quite interested in fusing fabric and machine embroidery. We blame that on Cheryl Lynch and ¡Quilt Fiesta! although there seem to be other, equally infectious influences going on. Fons & Porter did an episode where they trimmed the Wonder-Under so the appliqué was a little more supple so we're keen to try that. As well, we figured that a little postcard might be just the place to try out our nonexistent  fledgling machine embroidery skills.

Here's our first effort:

We had hoped to send it to a very good cause. We heard through our friend and fellow member of The Maple Leaf Quilt (online) Guild, Sue at, about an International Fabric Postcard Exhibition in Ireland. There will also be a sale that will benefit the Marie Keating Foundation which is a Breast Cancer Charity in Ireland. When Grandma Coco went back to check, she found out there was a theme (which you can read on Sue's post). We suppose dogs are part of nature but otherwise, our card doesn't really fit. No matter, we tried again with flowers and we think this one's the one. We added French knots for Monika  :)  who is feeling the cold right now, poor thing.

..... off to Ireland in memory of our mother, Grace

Maybe you've got time to make a postcard for such a worthy cause. The due date is the end of May 2011.


  1. Love your postcard. I live NE of Detroit and watch those same shows. I still have my trusty VCR and tape the programs. But everytime I turn around they change programs or change the time. So I know exactly how you feel. BTW Underdog was my favorite. Hugs

  2. Beautiful postcards. I have done some but not as wonderful as yours. They are an inspiration to do some more.

  3. That is SO pretty!
    It sure is fun bein' your sidekick! ; )
    ~Monika in Saskatoon
    7 months WITHOUT satellite or cable. I MISS MY SEWING SHOWS!

  4. Always love reading your Blog Cheryl! The postcards are great. I still haven't stopped to try and do one yet. I have heard they are kind of addictive and am not so sure I have time for one more addiction right now. This one however is a very worthy cause that is near to my heart so I might just have to stop long enough one day to do one.


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