Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New-fangled Double Wedding Ring

Double Wedding Ring Made Easy Workshop Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2011

It's time for another in-depth report from the Nosey Nelly News' Intrepid Reporter Grandma Coco. Always on the prowl for a hot tip, she got a sizzler from Nan, the Marketing Director at The Quilt Pattern Magazine. The June issue of the magazine is out! And one of the features this month is a workshop put together by our very own Cheryl.

GC: Cheryl, you’re usually such a Shrinking Violet on this blog. Tell us what your workshop is all about.

C: Well, Grandma Coco, I really don’t think I shrink so much as I’m overshadowed but, since you asked….It’s an innovative way to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt, one block at a time, quilting it as we go. I’ve always loved the Double Wedding Ring but the traditional approach is very fussy and precise.

GC: Hmmm….those aren’t words I’d use to describe you.

C: True! One morning as I was waking up, it hit me that there’s an easier way to go about it. Quilt-as-you go! With foundation piecing AND freezer paper appliqué. Easy peasey! The workshop is in 6 parts starting this month in The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

GC: Cool! What’s this month’s part about?

C: This month, the introduction, is all about gathering your supplies and getting ready. The whole workshop is broken down into manageable parts, so that step by step, we’ll go from the basic block to more exciting variations. If you follow along, you can end up making a complete crib-sized quilt…..not just a quilt top you’ll have to quilt later. No. A completely (some might say painlessly) quilted baby quilt. 

GC: Sounds intriguing. How do we get started?

C: Just head on over to The Quilt Pattern Magazine and set up a subscription. It's an online magazine so there's no delay, no waiting for the mail man. You'll get the June issue and everything you need to know is right there in the magazine. You can work on the workshop at your own pace and on your own schedule.

GC: Is there anything else you`d like to mention?

C: Yes, actually, once you’ve subscribed to The Quilt Pattern Magazine, you can join Pattern Pastiche which is a social group for subscribers to the magazine where quilters can make friends and show off photos of their quilts. There’s a discussion group set up especially for the Double Wedding Ring Made Easy workshop.  I’ll be hanging around there, listening in and ready to help if there are any questions. But  the workshop is really an exploration. There are so many variations on the basic Double Wedding Ring, I’ll be very interested to hear what the workshoppers come up with in terms of suggestions and innovations of their own. The workshop is a stepping off point. I fully expect once quilters get going, we’ll see an explosion of creativity.

GC: So, that’s the scoop on The Double Wedding Ring Made Easy Workshop. Remember folks, Coco knows! And now, so do you.


  1. Can't decide which is prettier, the cat or the quilt!!!

  2. Since I am partial to is a very close call!

  3. Cheryl, it this the pattern that we worked on in Maple Leaf last year or longer ago? I did a bunch of work on mine and then got distracted. But I do love how it looks.

  4. Cassie says, "Thank you, ladies. You have good taste!" and Heather...yes, this is the workshop that you all test drove. :)

  5. Absolutely brilliant...the quilt and you. Congratulations Cheryl!

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