Friday, June 3, 2011

What do we call appliqué, if it's done with paper?

4 x 6 inches - Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2011
We had an extra idea left over from the Summer Road Trip postcard swap. To paraphrase the slogan of the United Negro College Fund, an idea is a terrible thing to waste! What to do with it? We decided to play with some collaged illustrations made from glossy magazine pages. As always, we learned a lot. We used a glue stick to layer all the paper pieces in place but we only tacked them lightly. Next time, we would glue them down completely using the mod podge stuff that we covered the surface with. That brings us to the 2nd thing soooper-doooper layer of mod podge is NOT superior to many thin layers. Next time, we'll know better. And there WILL be a next time because this was beyond fun!

Grandma Coco has added glossy magazines to the list of things she's scrounging.....just sayin'.........

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