Monday, November 7, 2011


Nah! Not cooties.....SPIDERS!!! We saw the cutest tutorial on Shawkl's blog and we knew we just had to try one for ourselves. Unfortunately, we didn't have any wire in the right gauge on hand so we just improvised with what we had. Shawkl's spiders are more elegant but ours was a lot of fun, too. We really like Shawkl's blog. She has lots of cool stuff going on and is very generous with her time and talents. As well, we ordered some Czech glass buttons from her Etsy shop and they are even more beautiful in person than they look on the computer monitor. Watch for them to appear in future projects!

For now, we finished another beaded macrame bracelet. This one is a gift for a young lady we know. We hope she'll like it!

And, finally......SOCKS!

We finished them. We like this pattern stitch. In fact, we like it so much we're planning to cast on another pair. We have a couple of modifications we want to try and then we plan to share the pattern. Stay tuned.


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