Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finishing the Corduroy Roads Sock

AND, we're back! To the Corduroy Roads Sock, that is.

Detail: The Heel (being a ribbed stitch, the heel flap is slightly stretchy)

Now, where were we? Oh, yes. We'd just turned the heel and reduced at the gusset to finish the foot on the same number of stitches we had for the leg... 60 for the large size OR 54 for the small size.

Detail: The Cuffs (with their fabulous tubular cast-on)

We continue to knit round and round until the foot measures 6 inches from the edge of the heel flap (where we picked up stitches for the foot) for the large size OR 4 inches for the small size. This will give us a finished foot length of approximately 10 inches for the large size OR 8 inches for the small size. If you're following along and you need to adjust for a slightly shorter or longer foot, do it now.

We're going to do a Round Toe which is our (current) favourite toe treatment. The instructions, in this case, are the same for either size.

Rnd 1: * K4, K2Tog, rep from * to end of round.
Rnds 2-5: Knit
Rnd 6: * K3, K2Tog, rep from * to end of round.
Rnds 7-9: Knit
Rnd 10: * K2, K2Tog, rep from * to end of round.
Rnds 11 & 12: Knit
Rnd 13: * K1, K2Tog, rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 14: Knit
Rnd 15: *K2Tog, rep from * to end of round.

For large size only, next round: (K1, K2Tog) 3 times, K1.

Cut the yarn leaving a 10 inch tail and draw the tail through all the remaining stitches. Pull up tight and fasten. Darn in all the ends.

Two Full Pairs!

That's it! Thank you for helping us get our second sock completed. They have already been claimed by Mr. Coco (who knows a handsome sock when he sees one.)

We can't shake the feeling that there's much more to explore on the heel flap of the simple sock.


  1. nice warm socks.....thanks for stopping by to comment on the wolves....appreciate it

  2. Love the colours and the ribbed detail in the heels and the cuffs.


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