Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spinning our wheels

It's a grey day in the Kingdom and we're feeling a little grey ourselves.

First of all, we made these lovely beads and a particularly lovely button but when we went to assemble all the supplies we'd need for a bracelet, we don't seem to have coral beads in the right shade. Darn! We know excactly what colour we want. We will have to set this project aside until we can find some ... Stall #1.

We are also working on a tutorial for a Tubular Cast-On for the Corduroy Roads Socks Knit-along. (Starts tomorrow, if you'd like to join us.) However, we've had some rather enthusiastic help from our lovely (and curious) assistant and as much as we love to have her on our lap ... Stall #2.

We have a couple of irons in a couple of fires artistically-speaking but we can't really talk about them just now ... Stall #3.

So, instead, we'll get to some of the housekeeping we should have done already. We are very lucky to have had some very good testers for our recent patterns. One of them is Kate who, unfortunately, doesn't have a web presence. She made up Duetta for us and used her very fancy sewing machine and the basic yoke template from the pattern to create her very own crazy quilted yoke. Although Kate doesn't have a baby in her life right now, she doesn't lack for imagination and that is how this photo shoot was born.

Kate's Duetta

Annette also tested Duetta for us. You can find Annette online at her blog In Stitches and Seams. Annette's Duetta used the instructions and template to paper piece the yoke. What a great job she did!

Annette's Duetta

As usual, when people complete one of our designs and send us a photo to show on this blog, we like to send them out a little thank you gift. This time, we're sending out a file that can be printed on a home printer to make a gift tag to give along with the sweater. When we print it, we cut watercolour paper to 8 1/2" x 11" and feed it through our printer just like any other paper. The file will print 2 cards on one sheet. You only have to follow the instructions and cut on the horizontal lines and score/fold on the vertical lines. There's room on the back of the card to put laundering instructions and the whole inside of the card is blank so you can write your good wishes.

What's with all the blue Duettas?

And that is it for us today. Be sure to check out the other Canadian craftspeople on the Needle and Thread Network to see what they're up to. And be sure to join us tomorrow as we begin the Corduroy Roads Socks Knit-along.

~ Busily spinning our wheels,


  1. Blue is for girls too ... right
    Love the looks of the different shades of blue and the different yoke styles. It is a great little pattern, easy to follow and quilck to knit.Perfect for the little ones in your life.
    in stitches

  2. Must thank you for the micro macrame suggestions... I am working my way through them. I love the look of the Duetta, but thats about it for me for knitting -- there are not enough hours in the day and I have no babies to link up with to pass such wonderful goodies on to!

  3. The bracelet is going to be so pretty when completed and both of the duettas are lovely! How nice that others send you pictures of their completed work inspired by your designs and patterns :)

  4. I love blue....very nice..those buttons are just adorable!!

  5. Love the colour of the beads you made. The Duettas are lovely...I wish I could knit well enough to make one.

  6. You made those beads! They are gorgeous!

  7. Stalling is the only way I get any housework done.....your beads are very nice!

  8. I love the beads and button, and am totally impressed that you made them !! Cool!
    And the little sweater is so cute...even though I dont knit, I love it.

  9. Those beads are beautiful! Great job!

  10. Looks just like my house, so many projects on the go at once! Nice work with the Duetta pattern--I like the contrast of the fabric/quilting and the knitting.


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