Monday, April 30, 2012

Knit along with me ...

... the best is yet to be! (to paraphrase Robert Browning)

Corduroy Roads Socks 

These are the Corduroy Roads Socks. Notice anything odd about them?

There are only 3.
A pair for Cheryl and a singleton for Mr. Coco.

Now, since Mr. Coco still has 2 feet, something needs to be done.

Anyone want to knit along?

Here's what you'll need:

100 gr. of sock wool (We used 2 balls of Patons Kroy Socks FX. They've been steadily reducing the yardage over the years ....Don't think we didn't notice, Mr. Patons! these balls now have 152 m or 166 yds in each ball.)

Some leftover sock yarn in an equivalent weight for the stripes. 
We weighed ours and we used so little for each sock, 
it's hard to say exactly how much yardage you'd need ... but not much. 
Our scale says 1 gr per sock. A good use for your leftovers!

Set of 4 size 3 mm or US 2 1/2 double-point needles 
or whatever size you require to get 7.5 sts./in. in stockinette
We love our 5 inch Brittany Birch needles.

We're going to knit the second man-size sock which will fit a 10 inch long foot (Men's shoe size 8) but we'll be giving you the numbers for the lady's size as well (Ladies shoe size 6).

We like a Tubular Cast-On. Very pretty. Very stretchy. 
Worth the trouble to learn but if you want to use a different cast-on, who's to stop you? :)
For those who want to try, you'll need a crochet hook size 3.5 mm or US E/4
and a few yards of waste yarn in a distinctive colour.

So.....gather your stuff. Align your ducks. 
And meet us back here.....say, Wednesday? And we'll get started.


  1. Thank you for the invitation to join. We will not be knitting with yarn and needles (darned that hand...) but will be using our sharp little eyes (and our even sharper wits!!!) to try to follow along. I have never heard of a tubular cast on and I would love to learn. Knit slowly so I can watch, please.

  2. I don't think I will knit along with this pattern. I have another queued up to start, so maybe I will work on that one instead. I hope I don't offend Grandma.


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