Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP #34 - Just doin' it

We're working today in a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other kind of way. We had the inspiration and now it's time for the perspiration, if you know what we mean.

This will be our next beaded micro macramé bracelet and it will be spectacular when it's done. The beginning is always kind of scary where we choose the beads and let them tell us how they want to be arranged.

The next part is just the doing of it. That's where we are now.

We have the perfect bead for the closure. It's a Czechosolovakian cat bead which you'll have to see to believe.

We drew guide marks on plain white cotton and put it over the cork board so we could visualize where we're going. We don't know why we didn't think of this before. It really helps to know where we are in the length of the bracelet.

When we grow weary of trying to force tiny beads on fraying cords, we switch over to the Corduroy Roads Socks. We have the Ladies' Small size done and now we're working on Ladies' Medium. They're coming along really well, actually. Good mindless knitting. The kind that calms a person down but doesn't make for very stimulating blog material. :(

Works in progress are just that, we guess.....
projects that we're plodding along with. 
There are other Canadian bloggers working on their own projects this Wednesday. 
Why not click on over and have a look?

~ We'll try to have something more exciting next time. We promise!


  1. lol I love your style - "it will be spectacular when it's done". I feel that way sometimes too - love that you say it out loud! :)

  2. Wow, those beads are so tiny! It looks great so far!

  3. Checkin' to see why Karen's comments don't show up.....

  4. Using the guide is a great idea! The piece is going to be beautiful when finished and I can't wait to see the closure bead!

  5. oh those colors in the beads are soooo nice! mmmmmm

  6. Karen will try her comment again - maybe third time's the charm? This bracelet is beyond spectacular,I love it. When I first looked at it I saw arcs of New York Beauty blocks snaking between appliqued circles. I want to quilt your bracelet, Cheryl!! My first attempts at leaving comments involved reference to your Czechosolovakian cat bead but since it took me forever to figure out to spell Czechosolovakian, I'm not going to mention the Czechosolovakian cat bead this time. :)

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment on the Blueberry Basket quilt....I really appreciate it.

  8. a few days behind going through the needle and thread network (taxes) but gee that bracelet is shaping up beautifully! and socks are not at all boring -- I am still trying to figure them out and have been working on my FIRST one for awhile, its the heel that challenges me -- I am going to have to go get hands on instruction, written instruction, in this case really has me puzzled...

  9. Love that can't wait to see it finished.

  10. I am in awe of your talent!! That bracelet is just spectacular! Not to mention your sock knitting...I am struggling through my first one....trying the toe-up method! Not going so well I'm afraid. Ha!

  11. Esta pulcera esta superfenomenal, preciosa, me encantarìa poder tener el tutorial, si pudiera compartirlo conmigo se lo agradecerè, encontrè esta pàgina a travez de Pinterest y estoy asombrada de tanta creatividad, saludos, hasta pronto. Si pudiera darme el tutorial puede hacerlo a

  12. I have always wanted to learn how to make one of these. Could you do a tutorial on this bracelet? :0)

  13. So have you finished it? Would love to see the final!

    1. Cottagemuse, I hope you come back to see this answer, 'cuz I don't have any other way to contact you. :( I did finish this bracelet. It's called Uptown Cat. I'll put the photo on a current post, so, just click on the header of the blog, and you should see it there. Thanks for asking!


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