Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting in on the ground floor

Every once in a while we get a chance to get in at the beginning of something. Other times we catch on a little behind everyone else and have to scramble to catch up.

For instance, we've just caught on to the pleasure that is Downton Abbey. It took a little girl to turn us on to The Hunger Games but we're reading away now so we can converse knowledgeably with her (or pretend to). We missed the boat on Mad Men and now think we're so far behind, it might be useless to try. As far as Mad Men goes though, we lived through that era and we don't really think there is much to recommend it unless you want to celebrate how far we've come. (Pregnant women smoking and drinking and secretaries hanging up their bosses' coats for them and slick, arrogant men in positions of power. Really?)

So, now that we've established how old and out-of-touch we are....ahem!...... 

Remember that party we went to last week? the one for the one-year-old's birthday? Well, the baby's mother....the one who created that party.....has just started a blog of her own. So, this is our chance to get in at the beginning of a good thing. 

Right now, you can get the recipe for the party punch she served and see a really cute mermaid stuffie she made. If enough people show interest, she's promised to do a tutorial on the making of it. Stephanie's a wonderful photographer so we know there'll be plenty of eye candy on that blog, too. And quilting!

Here's the address:   
Click on over and tell her Grandma Coco sent you!


  1. You bet we visited - the blog looks fabulous!

  2. Congratulations to her. Wonderful sight. She just got a new follower! :)


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