Sunday, June 10, 2012

In the background

As if we didn't already have enough irons in the fire, we saw what fun Elle is having playing with her altered books and off we go in yet another direction.

From Elle's blog, we followed the breadcrumbs to the Altered Book Lover blog and found that Elizabeth is running an introductory course explaining how to get started with altered books. Sign us up!! So, this week, we played with making some backgrounds.

We love that she says we should use the cheapest art supplies available. We have some cheap construction paper and some paint from the Dollar Store. We dampened a sheet of paper with a spray bottle of water and dabbed on some globs of paint and smooshed it all around with Dollar Store plastic wrap. The important thing is to leave it all to dry before removing the plastic wrap. (You know us by now. We checked. You really do have to let it dry.)

Once it was good and dry, we peeled off the plastic. Isn't it pretty? Mostly just one colour of paint. We see flowers in there and we're just aching to grab a pen and complete the garden. Maybe we will.

And here's another, with lots of colours ... a little muddy but, hey! live and learn ...

It's like finger painting for the elderly. :)  We have a book chosen that we bought at the GoodWill last week when they were having a 50% off sale. Really? As if GoodWill's prices could get any cheaper! AND we've picked a  theme. We're going to use it to display all our Illustration Friday drawings. Should be fun!!

We hope you're having fun today, too!

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  1. Finger painting for the elderly....!!! I nearly choked on my coffee !! love it !


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