Friday, June 1, 2012

Nothin' new under the sun and something that IS new


We feel totally vindicated!! This morning, we received an email from Beading Daily that mentioned a woman who's doing a special project. She's decorating the lid of a ... wait for it!!...CARMEX jar each day for the whole of 2012.

How did we not know about this?? And, more importantly, how cool are we now? The woman's name is Lisa Pavelka and you can see all her lids (completed and yet to be) at this link: 

We have managed to be both totally hip and totally behind the times all at once. A first, even for us!!

And now, for something that IS new. We became interested in beaded micro macramé when we first saw the work of Sherri Stokey. She makes beautiful jewelry and we were totally inspired. At the time, Sherri didn't have a web presence and it took us months and months until we found her on Facebook. She maintains an Etsy store which you can find at   Actually, Sherri does more than just macramé but it was the macramé that drew us in. Just this week, Sherri's launched her own website and she's even offered her first tutorial. If you're interested in trying your hand at beaded micro macramé, you'll want to head right over and have a look.


  1. Grandma CoCo you are always cool.

  2. Lisa's work is lovely. You should send her a picture of your jar lid :)


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