Thursday, September 6, 2012

More egg cosies

Grandma Coco has one glaring fault ... well, one among many, we suppose ... she finds it really, really hard to do the same thing over and over again. Oddly, she never suffers from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) because first you do the Right Sock and then you do the Left Sock. (For variety, she often resorts to knitting the Left Sock first.)

We loved knitting those bunny egg cosies (who wouldn't?). They're adorable. However, 6 was all we had in us. Our friend, being very agreeable as she is, said 6 of another design would be fine. So, we made these:

Not nearly so cute but maybe slightly more suitable for a more formal dining experience. They remind us of those cloche hats the flappers wore in the '20s. Thoroughly Modern Milly hats. These are our very own invention, so we're able to give you the pattern in case you need an egg cosy. (You never know. You might!) The bottom features a picot edging which is really simple to do and we embroidered some flowers and leaves for decoration at the end.

We used leftover sock yarn/fingering weight yarn and 2.75 mm double point needles. We cast on 40 stitches provisionally. That means we crocheted a length of contrasting coloured yarn first. We chained 45 stitches or so. We picked ups stitches with our main coloured yarn by knitting into each of 40 loops on the crochet chain. Arrange stitches on 3 needles. Join in a circle. That's 40 stitches total.

Knit 3 rounds evenly.
Next round: (K2 tog, YO), repeat to end of round.
Knit 3 more rounds.
Next round: Knit each stitch together with one live stitch from the provisional cast on. This causes the edge to fold up on itself like a hem. Very cool. Very easy. Very neat.

Knit 1 more round evenly and very carefully, remove the waste yarn.

Begin the striping:
Knit 2 rounds of a contrasting colour
Knit 2 rounds of the main colour
Knit 2 rounds of a contrasting colour
Don't worry about cutting the yarns between colour row changes. The yarn will float easily over such a short distance. You can cut the contrasting yarn now, leaving 10 inches or so for darning in at the end.

Continue knitting evenly with the main colour yarn until the work measures 2 inches from the fold of the picot edge.

Start decreasing for the top of the egg:
Rnd. 1: (K2, K2 tog), repeat to end of round.
Knit 3 rounds evenly.
Rnd. 5: (K1, K2 tog), repeat to end of round.
Rnd. 6: Knit evenly.
Rnd. 7: (K2 tog), repeat to end of round.

Cut the yarn, leaving about 10 inches and draw the tail through all the stitches. Pull up tight. Finish neatly and decorate with a little wool embroidery, if you like.

Now, who's for a boiled egg?


  1. Such pretty egg cozies. I like that you added the embroidered flowers.

  2. So cute. I wish I could wear hats, I'd love one in this pattern :)

  3. I added myself on as a follower again. For some reason I seem to have dropped off some blogs. To think I missed those adorable bunnies but your egg hats are very cute too:)

  4. I want to knit egg cosies as they are so cute, though I don't eat eggs cooked that way. I even bought a pattern book. One of these days.

  5. I enjoy your sense of humour, and I love your always off-beat (but clever) perspective. It has totally never occured to me to switch up the order in which I knit my socks; henceforth I will alternate knitting left and right first.
    Your cosies do look like hats on mannequins. Very chic. I bet she loved them.


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