Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunny September Sunday

Most of us sunbathe in July and August, but not Cassie. 
From now throughout the winter, this will be her favourite morning activity.
Like the quilt? It's one our mother made.
Cassie thinks it's very comfy.

Happy Sunny Sunday, to all!


  1. Kitties and quilts just Go together. This reminds me to get a shot of my old boy reclining on my very first quilt ever....because my first quilt ever had to go to my bestest friend (that lazy black furball in MY sunbeam).

  2. I have only one spot in my house where the sun comes in like that and of course the cats vie for position when it streams in. The sun in fall and winter is such a pleasant way to warm the old bones...

  3. Lovely quilt. Lucky Cassie!
    thanks for linking up on our fb page.


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