Thursday, October 4, 2012

Foresight or sloth?

We don't understand why some people work so hard to finish up their projects the way some mothers insist you have to eat your veggies in order to get dessert. We've always thought a well-saved WIP can be a treasure. This is a case in point:

We're at a low ebb creatively. Starting something new seems like a monumental challenge. We seem to have all we can do just to get out of bed and brush our teeth. We knit away on sock after sock because that's easy. Grab wool. Grab needles. Pick out a stitch pattern. Make a few simple calculations, and we're off! But yesterday, we had the urge to handle fabric. We wanted the comfort of the needle slipping into the cloth. We needed the soothing monotony (and we mean that in a good way!) of hand quilting. However, we don't have the energy to pick out colours or slice up fabric.

And then we remembered. We have at least one quilt project already under way. It's a quilt that needs no thought. All the really creative bits have already been thought out. It just needs the drudgery of the doing. And that's what we need right now.

We dragged a chair in, to stand on, in order to reach the highest shelf in our closet. Way up there, is the box, with an actual layer of dust on top. Once upon a time we had this crazy idea that we'd do a scrap quilt in a controlled colour palette, and we'd hand quilt it in 4 sections, with a hoop, and then join the quarters together in a quilt-as-you-go approach.

When we opened the box, we were shocked to see the template we drew is yellowed with age and marked, "Arc quilt, 9 inch block, March 2003".  How cool is that? Nine years' gestation. Two quarters are already completed and joined together. That's fully 1/2 of the double bed-sized quilt done. We have the 3rd quarter partly assembled, and all the blocks for the 4th are there as well. We even had the foresight to package up the backing fabrics AND the border strips. What a gift, to find this almost-finished quilt! It doesn't really matter what stopped us last time. This is its moment.


  1. What foresight. The wonderful thing about a scrap quilt is that it never goes out of style -they are always beautiful. I really like the pattern you chose, and red always works. What a perfect project, ready for you when you are ready for it.

  2. I'm a start to finish quilter, but I must admit sometimes you have an urge to do one aspect of a certain craft. When I decide to put a quilt away I'm going to remember your lesson and make sure all the bits and pieces are together and sealed then going back to the project will be a joy. Thanks for the insight.

  3. A fresh start and this is almost done. Lovely colouring.

  4. You are just so organized. I had a project that languished for years because I had mislaid the binding. I knew I had it all nicely cut, so I was determined not to buy more. Last year, I finally got both the project and the binding in the same place, and finished it in under an hour.
    Enjoy your "new" project.

  5. I love this part, Cheryl: What a gift, to find this almost-finished quilt!

    What a great outlook:)

  6. Beautiful quilt Cheryl! I choose to call it 'foresight' because in our worlds, sloth simply does not exist. There is planning in everything we do, even though it may not appear so, at first! :) Hmmm....I have a couple of those 'foresight' quilts stashed away as well! Better get the chair and check out the closet.

  7. I love the red in this and I love that it is hand-quilted. I'm glad you remembered it tucked away all these years. Hopefully working on it again will help you get out of your creativity slump. ~ Paula

    P.S. Don't seem to have the option anymore to reply using my name and url so I have to use this old open i.d.

  8. I recognize some of those fabrics from my scrap stash! I am thinking it is time to pick up and hand quilt one of the tops in my cupboard. Now to see if I can find the binding (same problem as Kate!)...

  9. I love surprises like that! Beautiful quilt, and I'm sure it'll bring you some peace and hopefully pleasure!

  10. If that isn't the prettiest quilt ever! Awe I love it : )))
    Happy turkey day from me to you


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