Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hawaii on the cheap

We have a weakness for coffee. There, we said it. But not just any coffee. No. In spite of the fact that we don't travel much (or well), we did spend a very enjoyable 10 days on the island of Maui a few years ago. How exotic, right? It was a fabulous holiday, probably never to be repeated. Almost certainly never to be repeated. Transit time from the Kingdom of Coco to Maui is punishing. Two really long flights, at best.

One of our fondest memories is of the coffee that we bought in the grocery store there and brewed in the kitchen of the condo we stayed in. It's Lion Brand coffee, grown and packaged right in Hawaii. We fell for the Chocolate Macadamia Nut. When we got home, we looked into the possibility of buying it online. They do sell it mail order, and if you live in the US, the postage is pretty reasonable. However, here in the Kingdom, they insist on sending it by courier. The shipping cost by courier is outrageous! It actually costs as much to ship the stuff as the coffee itself costs. Ouch!

We moped around for a while as our coffee supply dwindled. Moped and plotted and felt sorry for ourselves. And then, one day, we started thinking about the possibility of going back to Maui, on holiday. We calculated just how much that would cost. Airfare, hotel, travel insurance!! We factored in how sipping a cup of Lion Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee takes us right back to the sun and surf, and we had an epiphany!

A cup of Lion Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee is a pretty cheap indulgence  . . .  even with the courier highway robbery. So, now we buy coffee by the caseload and keep it in the freezer. We even manage a smile for the day-light robber who brings it to the door.

We drew this coffee-swilling lion to enter in a contest that Lion Coffee is running right now. Unfortunately, when we went to enter it, they require our date of birth. We think that little nugget of information is worth a whole lot more than a case of coffee, so won't be entering after all.  We like our lion though, and we hope he likes his moment of fame, right here in the gallery of the Kingdom of Coco.


  1. Darn right your birth date is worth more than that!! I never give this out online...not even to the almighty Facebook. Also, did you know that you never need to give out your SIN except to RevCan (who owns it). Not on credit apps, not for house apps, especially not to random businesses who ask ('cause they do). We applied for a few rentals and our application was thrown out right in front of us because we refused to give out our SIN's. Name and birth date is all that's needed to steal your identity...It's happened to someone near and dear to me.

  2. it is always amazing the relativity of cost of things -- I hate cars so even paying to wash is hurts my wallet, but if I want a ride to the second hand shops I am anxious to have the brakes done sooner rather than later...

    a lion with a cuppa coffee, how strange, but the thought of a lion without his morning coffee could be much worse!

  3. Lately, in our world, we have started figuring out how much things cost by figuring the price/hour of entertainment. A movie costs about $12 (without popcorn) so that is $8/hr.(all the movies seem to be 90 minutes these days) So a $15 ball of sock yarn, from which I derive 8 hours of entertainment, becomes a bargain $2/hr or less if the pattern knits slower. Fabric at $15/m can give me 4 or 5 hours of fun, making a bag.
    A cup of Starbucks is about $2, so that coffee would have to be pretty expensive to match that price, making it at home.
    Of course, a cup of Starbucks, shared in the company of a friend for an hour, is also a bargain.

  4. Wow, you must really love Lion coffee to have it shipped it all the way from Hawaii. Then again, you work hard for your money and you certainly deserve to enjoy your favourite cup of coffee whenever you want!

    Love your drawing...too bad you could not enter the contest but your right about not giving away your birth date. ~ Paula


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