Thursday, July 25, 2013

More bracelets

Last week was so hot and sticky, that nothing much got done around the Kingdom. It was too hot to even move, let alone cook. This week's cooler, drier temperatures are a welcome change. We've even begun to think about creative pursuits again.

Today, we have 2 new micro macramé bracelets to show. The first is called Black Currant. All purples to match a polymer clay bead we made ourself. It's definitely an imperfect offering because you can see our finger print in the surface. (No extra charge for that!)  Exactly 8 3/8 inches long from the loop to the inside of the button.

Edited to add: SOLD! Thank you. This one went fast.

The second bracelet is a lovely combination of pale green and coral. The closure is a lampwork bead made by Nikki of  The bracelet measures exactly 7 1/2 inches from the inside of the loop to the closure bead. Please note that this is intended for a slender wrist. Very dainty. Very pretty.

As always, these bracelets are for the benefit of the kennel kitties at the Gananoque Humane Society. $22. each, including postage. Payment by Paypal. Of that, we'll donate $20. for each bracelet sold. The bracelets will be mailed via Canada Post. Thanks to everyone who's helping us in this endeavour.


  1. They are both very nice bracelets. I am sure they will sell quickly, and the kitties will rejoice!

  2. So pretty. I'm sure the coral one will be sold in no time too. Just wondering if you've ever made or ever considering making making earrings to your beautiful bracelets?

  3. Very, very pretty; they remind me of New York Beauty quilt blocks. Hmmmm...


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