Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another lovely green mystery

... and another pair for the gift pile.

Mr. Coco saw this sock yarn come into the Kingdom, and I think he was a little worried the stocks were intended for him. However, I know him well enough by now to be certain this would not be his colour. Too flashy!

However, they fit him, and he was gracious enough to model them for the camera this morning while the sun was streaming in. See the cable? One runs down the outside (or the inside) of each sock.

The wool is Lang Jawoll Magic. Started on October 29.

Notice how they are mates. Identical mates. And remember this. I knit a pair of men's socks in 2011 from the same yarn, (slightly) different colourway. They, too, ended up identical mates. Again, I say this is a complete and total fluke. Had I knit a smaller size, or a shorter leg, the colour repeats would not have lined up. I have one more ball of this stuff in my stash, in a beige/tan mix. Once I knit that up I will be able to say for sure, but until then, I believe if you knit a 72-stitch man-size sock on 2.5 mm needles, with 8 inch legs, and almost 10-inch-long feet, this yarn will produce identical twin socks. Against all odds, I just happened to knit that combination with this wool, totally by chance.


  1. I like the green socks. They look like cheerful socks for wintery days ahead.

  2. That's a beautiful shade of green, and I love the asymmetrical cable up the leg; so artsy *-) Was there a knot in the centre of this skein like the first?
    You and Kate knit so fast!

  3. I'm glad that they matched up perfectly! I know you said that they are not for Mr. Coco because they are too flashy but they would be perfect for him to wear on St. Paddy's Day! :)
    The recipient of these are going to love you for making their feet warm and cozy this winter.


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