Monday, May 18, 2015

I couldn't see the forest for the trees

My friend Karen remarked that if you took the long view on the cat cookies, they could be giant cat heads. When I looked at them again, I thought, "Of course!".  (She's so smart!) So, in honour of Karen, here are a few giant cat head cookies.

Some are even wearing sun glasses.

I'm curious. Here is the naked cookie. What other cookies do you see in this shape?


  1. Owls. The obvious. I use the same shaped cutter for both owls and cats :) These cookies have a definite Cheshire vibe :)

  2. Yes, air, if turned sideways...this is fun :)

  3. Penguins...I think they could be penquins. Put them in sweaters, a la James Gordon.

  4. I see gift bags and heads. Love your cookies!


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