Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pincushions revisited

I'm still fascinated by pincushions. Clearly. I've discovered various pincushion facts. For one, the Victorians had a thing for them, and there are many antique pincushions from that era. They liked to collect them. Two...pincushions can't just be a blob of stuffing. If there's too much stuffing, you run the risk of losing your needle down in the middle of your pincushion. Here's my latest:

Very small. Just intended for my embroidery needles (which I really wouldn't want to lose) and a couple of pins.

How small, you ask? Well, here's the Kingdom of Coco's own Vanna White to illustrate:

Built on a wooden ring that's been hanging around my workroom since the age of macramé. With felt flowers and embroidery.


  1. Vanna looks like she's not "feeling it"... she'd usually much more photogenic ;) Cute pinnie :)

  2. Cassie is so cute. I am surprised you caught the picture before she wandered off. That's what happens at my house.
    I like the felted flowers on the pin cushion.


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