Monday, June 22, 2015

Resistance is futile

So, ok, after my recent taste of over-dyeing wool, I gave in and bought a huge hank of plain off-white laceweight merino. I think I may be hooked.

It's so hard to find nice colours in laceweight, and they embroider so well. I feel some strange compulsion to name them now......Raspberry ripple for the one on top? Not sure about the 2nd one. Any ideas?


  1. Rainbow sherbet, I have some in my freezer and it is just about that colour. That also keeps with the frozen dessert theme.

  2. The colors reminds me of sunrises. Tequilla Sunrise was the first thing that pop in my mind. I don't drink but just like that name. I am not sure if I spelled Tequilla correct.


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