Wednesday, June 10, 2015

She's just a girl who can't 'just say no'

It's come to my attention that there are people out there who don't like cats. Hard to imagine, but I'm assured these people exist. If you are one of those people (although I doubt any cat dis-likers follow this blog, for obvious reasons) you'll want to avert your eyes.

Now, with that little public service announcement out of the way, he-e-e-e-re's Cassie!


  1. Rolling over in complete contentment, is that the catnip leaves talking? She is so lovely, can you guess I am a true lover of all cats and kittens!!!

  2. them all, but especially the bottom picture.

  3. In our house, the look in the last picture is called "nipped".

  4. She such a pretty cat and seems to have a fun personality.


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