Friday, September 25, 2015

Cowichan inspired

The Lyndhurst Turkey Fair has come and gone. The Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project did very well. We made money for the cat colony. The cookie biz is going to go along at a slightly slower pace for a while. And that means it's time for a new project. Oh, we could return to the Smiley Sweater all right, but I've been asked to make a very special sweater for a very special young woman. How could I refuse?

She's an outdoorsy girl who enjoys all kinds of weather. She's asked for a Cowichan-style sweater. I think this project will follow along quite nicely on the heels of the colourwork I was doing last year. If you remember the Batman earflap cap, I'm going to be attempting something similar where I draw my own design elements and fit them into the framework of the sweater.

Wolves have been requested. While doing my research, I saw a wolf design in an old Mary Maxim pattern. It was a leering, slobbering beast with a great, big, red tongue lolling out of its mouth. I'm shuddering at the memory. I'm going for a more noble, less scary image.

I love the planning stage of any project. Stick around and come with me on my Cowichan adventure.


  1. So many years ago I knitted my Dad a cardigan, button up, that had intricate knitted patterns on each side at the front, a deer head I think from memory, lots of threads to tangle und unravel, I can see yours will be truly lovely and so warm.

  2. I knit one of these style sweaters for my sister many years ago, I can't remember what was on it. Am looking forward to see what you come up with.


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