Saturday, September 12, 2015

Even tinier

A friend of a friend has a new granddaughter who was born early.  They named her Ivy, and something about the story touched my heart. I imagined all the people who were worrying about her, and wishing her their best, hoping she'd be OK.

I graded my booties down from a new-born size to a preemie size. I hope they fit. You can see how tiny they really are.

The last word I had was that Ivy was home, and doing well. Welcome to the world little Ivy.


  1. So tiny and so perfect. What a special keepsake for little Ivy.

  2. I am sure Ivy's tiny toes will be toasty warm in those, and when she is a teenager, and growing like a weed, her mother will look at them in disbelief that she was ever that tiny.

  3. Just adorable and sure to be treasured, Cheryl :)

  4. So sweet of you. Hoping Ivy is thriving.


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